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8月13日下午18:00,七彩研究院与Paralink以主题《深度对话 Paralink Network:Web3.0世界的预言机形态》在七彩研究院直播间进行干货分享。主持人:七彩研究院雪糕,分享嘉宾:Paralink CEO:Jan Knezevic&CMO:Andrej P.Skraba。


七彩研究院雪糕:各位小伙伴们下午好,我是今天直播间的主持人,感谢七彩研究院的各位小伙伴们能够准时和我们相约,今天我们很荣幸邀请Paralink CEO:Jan Knezevic&CMO:Andrej P.Skraba到做客七彩研究院,开展一场以“深度对话 Paralink Network:Web3.0世界的预言机形态”为主题的直播活动!本次AMA采取中英文对照模式,让我们进入今天的AMA主题活动。

Q1、Caroline:Welcome Paralink CEO Jan Knezevic and CMO Andrej P. Skraba. Could you please introduce yourself to everyone briefly?

Q1、七彩研究院主持人雪糕:欢迎Paralink的CEO Jan Knezevic与 CMO Andrej P. Skraba ,请两位向大家简要介绍一下自己吧!

CEO A1: I am Jan Knezevic and im the CEO of Paralink Network. My background is in business and economics- more specifically i worked as an auditor, i was an actuary in a life insurance company and later on i transitioned into consulting blockchain projects with accounting and business development as well as conducting internal audits. Last year i was part of a team that acted like a data vendor for blockchain data, we collected pricing, on chain and sentiment data and created qualitative indicators for traders. I was also an active day and swing trader on the stock market trading stocks and stock options and later on transitioned into trading cryptocurrencies.

CEO A1:我是Jan Knezevic,Paralink Network的CEO。我的主要从业背景为商业和经济学——更具体地说,我曾在KPMG做过审计师,在一家人寿保险公司做过精算师,后来我转入区块链项目咨询,涉及会计和业务发展,以及进行内部审计。去年,我作为区块链数据供应商团队的一员,我们收集价格、链上和情绪数据,并为交易员创建定性指标。我也是一个活跃的交易员,在股票市场上交易股票和股票期权,后来转为交易加密货币。

CMO A1: Hi, I’m Andrej P. Skraba, and I’m a CMO at Paralink Network. Before joining Paralink, I worked at NiceHash, where I held the position of a CMO and helped the company transition to a global brand in the cryptocurrency mining industry. Before that, I worked as a Head of Marketing at EK Water Blocks, a world leader in custom liquid cooling solutions for the computer industry. With more than a decade of experience in the high-tech industry, I want to leave my mark in the cryptocurrency industry.

CMO A1:大家好,我是Andrej P. Skraba,我是Paralink Network的首席营销官。在加入Paralink之前,我曾在NiceHash担任CMO,并帮助该公司转型为加密货币挖矿行业的全球品牌。在此之前,我曾担任EK Water Blocks的营销主管,该公司是计算机行业定制液冷解决方案的全球领导者。我在高科技行业有超过十年的工作经验,今后我希望在加密货币行业也留下自己的印记。

Q2:Caroline:Could you introduce Paralink Network to our new friends here?

Q2、七彩研究院主持人雪糕:向大家介绍一下Paralink Network吧?

A2:Paralink is a multi chain oracle platform and we decided to build it on Polkadot.

First of all, the real-world data ingress is done by Paralink Nodes through our own Paralink Query Langauge-PQL. This allows one to query SQL databases, access web APIs, scrape websites as well as access state from other blockchains. Its a robust solution which is easily expandable to support custom data sources (actually right there is an issue with the existing solutions since the technical barrier to create a custom data source is high and takes forever). Besides the data, we have support for post-processing in a permissionless way via on-chain relayer quorums as well as reliable channeling of the computation results via PQL callbacks.

The next aspect of the project is the Paralink node and its query language. WIth it, you are be able to query APIs. databases but also parse JSON, XML and HTML, support multiple data sources, apply math functions, do type casting, aggregations and much more.

The last point which is extremely important to us is the On-chain security as well as the integrity of this data. This is a huge challenge and we think that so far it hasn’t been solved properly. So in Paralink, we have something called Relayer quorums which are self-organizing data repositories with reward token mechanics (as well as slashing of course) that aggregate and validate real-world information. Our infrastructure is built with Substrate which means we get high throughput and economically feasible computing costs. Due to this technology stack, we can also relay computation results from Polkadot to other chains as well, but also monitor reliability via public reputation systems.


首先,真实世界的数据输入是由Paralink节点通过我们自己的Paralink查询Langauge-PQL完成的。这允许查询SQL数据库,访问Web API,抓取网站以及从其他区块链访问状态。 它是一个强大的解决方案,可以轻松扩展来支持自定义数据源(实际上,由于创建自定义数据源的技术壁垒高,花费时间久,因此现有解决方案存在问题)。除了数据之外,我们还支持通过链上中继器仲裁以无许可的方式进行后处理,以及通过PQL回调,可靠地传递计算结果。



Q3、Caroline:What is the overall planning of the development route of Paralink Network? What stage is it in at present?

Q3、七彩研究院主持人雪糕:Paralink Network 发展路线整体规划是怎样的,目前处于哪个阶段 (JAN)?

A3: We are very much focused on business development. Paralink is a B2B project and we want to serve other companies and projects that are incorporating smart contracts in their solutions. For that reason, we are developing a new website that will focus on developers and provide a better onboarding experience for them. Our focus is on new partnerships that require data ingress for their smart contracts. Currently, we are still aiming to secure our parachain slot on Polkadot as we want to use XCMP protocol to serve other parachains. But we are also fully compatible with Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Polygon support is also in the works and we plan to support Cardano in the future.


Q4、Caroline:What other ecosystems does Paralink Network currently serve apart from the DeFi sector as oracle?

Q4、七彩研究院主持人雪糕:作为预言机,除了传统DeFi板块外,Paralink Network目前还在为哪些生态服务?(Jan)

A4:Currently, there is not much demand for oracle services outside the DeFi sector. Price feeds are the most popular form of data requests that oracles serve at the moment. Due to the nascent nature of smart contracts, we are yet to see the wide adoption of oracles outside of DeFi. This space is still very early and holds immense potential for growth in the coming years.


Q5、Caroline:Congratulations on the recent cooperation between Paralink and Polygon. Why did The Paralink Network choose Polygon as partner? What other ecological partners are there now?

Q5、七彩研究院主持人雪糕:恭喜最近Paralink与Polygon达成合作,请问Paralink Network为何选择Polygon作为合作伙伴,目前的生态合作伙伴还有哪些呢?(Andrej)

A5:We were very excited to announce integration with Polygon. As you know Polygon is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks.

By building on secured chains and standalone chains, Polygon is tackling the Ethereum scaling problems. The team behind Polygon aims at creating a framework that makes it possible to aggregate scalable solutions on Ethereum, supporting a multi-chain Ethereum ecosystem.

Paralink Network integration with Polygon enables accurate, decentralized, and reliable data feeds to its chains. By providing secure and dependable multi-chain oracle solutions, Paralink allows users to benefit from its on-chain consensus algorithm, running on Polkadot Substrate, enabling the highest security applications.

All of our partnerships announcements are available on our blog:



与Polygon的并行网络集成能够为其链提供精确、分散和可靠的数据。通过提供安全可靠的多链预言机解决方案,Paralink允许用户受益于其在Polkadot Substrate上运行的链上共识算法,实现最高安全性的应用程序。


Q6、Caroline:What role does Paralink Network play in Web3.0?

Q6、七彩研究院主持人雪糕:Paralink Network在Web3.0中扮演什么样的角色?(Andrej)

A6:Web 3.0 is a leap forward to open, trustless and permissionless networks. One of the most important pillars of the next generation web will be decentralized data networks. We believe that oracles will play an important role by bridging the gap between blockchain data (on-chain) and real-world data (off-chain). We want to provide the best possible solution for developers that will require data ingress in applications that require the highest degree of security. Paralink’s on-chain consensus algorithm, running on Polkadot Substrate and Paralink’s flexible node design allows developers to query real-world events, sports, weather, random numbers, and more.

A6:Web3.0是向开放、不受信和无许可网络的一次飞跃,下一代网络最重要的支柱之一将是去中心化的数据网络。我们相信预言机将在区块链数据(链上)和真实世界数据(链下)之间发挥重要作用。我们希望为需要在最高安全性的应用程序中输入数据的开发人员提供最好的解决方案。在Polkadot Substrate上运行的Paralink链上共识算法和Paralink灵活节点设计,允许开发人员查询真实世界的事件、体育、天气、随机数等。

Q7、Caroline:For a project that sold out on Polkastarter in less than 60 seconds, it is currently available on many major exchanges. What are your next marketing plans in the near future?


A7:We are focused on establishing new partnerships so there is a big effort on business development at the moment. We are reaching out to other projects and teams that are developing solutions with smart contracts. Like Jan has mentioned before, we are becoming blockchain agnostic, supporting ethereum (ERC-20), Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20), Polygon, Cardano, etc. Of course, we also have to educate the market, so we are working on content marketing and we will soon deploy a new website that will focus on developers. At the end of the day, we want to provide developers a great product and this is where the value is coming from.


Q8、Caroline:What are the current barriers or challenges facing Blockchain oracles, and what can be improved and how Paralink is going to be different


A8:The biggest challenge is technology adoption. It is crucial to understand that this space is very early and a lot of projects are looking for a product-market fit. Smart contracts exist only for a few years now and only very early adopters are using it – predominantly DeFi. Once the wider adoption happens we will see a huge increase in demand for blockchain oracles. Once this happens Paralink will have the best possible solution that is open source and highly flexible for any project today and in the future.


七彩研究院主持人雪糕:好的,非常感谢Paralink CEO:Jan Knezevic&CMO:Andrej P.Skraba的精彩分享,为此我们也对Paralink有了全新的认识,接下来关于Paralink有任何疑惑的小伙伴可以在自由提问环节提出你的问题,嘉宾会随机挑选问题进行回复。

Q1:What is the “Relayer quorum” reward system in Paralink?

A1:Relayer quorums are self-organizing groups of Paralink Node operators, who’s job is to service the data requests. Relayer quorums earn fees for providing the service (PARA token) and can be penalized – have their revenue and or stake slashed – via Reputation system.

Q2:When will the new website and product come out?

A2:New website is coming out in a few weeks!

Q3:Now NFT is so hot, have you considered developing towards NFT?

A3:Yes, our Paralink Node can also be used for NFT where data ingress is needed! We plan to work with NFT projects in the future.

Q4:What’s your moat? If others copy the same model, are you confident that you will not be occupied by market share?

Q4:The hash is only 32 bytes long, which is significantly shorter than the job definition itself, making it suitable for request signalling on resource constrained chains such as Ethereum. This means that using Paralink Node is much cheaper than other solutions on the market so developers dont have high cost using an oracle which is a big problem with other solutions.

Q5:What is the revenue model? What are the benefits for token holders?

A5:To understand our model please read this blog post that explains how data ingress will work and how token will be used for paying data ingress:

Q6:What is your global expansion plan? At present, which market does Paralink focus on, or on building and developing to win customers, users and partners?

A6:We are focued on worldwide adoption and want to work with smart contract developers on ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and later also on Cardano and any other smart contract blockchain.

Q7:Which well-known projects has Paralink reached cooperation with? What well-known institutions have been invested?

A7:All projects partnerships are listed on our blog and also our investors.

Q8:What is Paralink’s marketing and large-scale adoption strategy? What message do you want to send to the community through AMA today?

A8:We are fully focuesd on delivering a great product to smart contract developers and we belive PQL will change how developers approach the development of data ingress.






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